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10 Best Faith Books

Top 10 Christian Faith Books

These inspirational books on faith, hope, spirituality, and Christian living will help you renew your faith, lift your soul, and deepen your relationship with God.

Take time to reflect on your faith and strengthen your spiritual life with these bestselling books – including powerful quotes, prayers, inspiration and advice from Max Lucado, Mac Anderson, and other inspiring authors.

  • Devotionals to help you walk with God each day
  • Stories to lift your spirit and lighten your load
  • Daily reflections to fill your life with grace, joy, and peace
  • Reminders to seek purpose and passion on your spiritual journey
  • Advice to help you focus on what matters most and to find meaning throughout your life

These beautiful and heart-warming books make thoughtful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, confirmations, memorials, or any special occasion.

  1. The Dash (New Cover) – Making a Difference with Your Life

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “Put into words how I was trying to live my life and all of a sudden I was at peace.”–Anonymous

    The dash between your years of birth and death matter most; make those moments in between count.

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  2. The Simple Blessings of Christmas (Special Edition) – A Hope Filled Journey Through the 25 Days of Advent


    Warm your heart and soothe your soul this Christmas with this collection of thirty inspirational stories.

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  3. First Thing Every Morning – Turn Your Life Around One Day at a Time

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “If I were allowed to have only two books, they would be the Bible and this book.”–C. Pierce

    Start your morning right with a reflection, story or quote that will lift your spirits and lighten your load.

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  4. Hope, Pure and Simple – 316 Thoughts to Lift Your Soul

    Special Price $9.00

    Regular Price: $15.95

    “I enjoy reading it over and over for renewed hope and direction.”–Judy Lowe

    Find consolation during the difficult times in your life with a daily dose of hope and faith.

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  5. Inspired Faith 365 Days a Year

    $19.95 As low as: $15.00

    “I am reading this book every morning… to start my day!”–John Acheson

    Invest in a daily walk with God to grow your faith and spirituality with an engaging integration of scripture and devotionals.

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  6. To a Child, Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E – What a Child Really Needs from You

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “This is my standard for anyone I know having a child.”–Matt

    Discover inspirational insights on what parenting is all about. It’s a little book with a powerful message that will make you rethink life’s priorities.

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  7. The Perfect Moment – Capturing Life's Greatest Gifts

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “Great gift for a young professional with a family.”–Anna

    There are perfect moments occurring in your life: no matter how bad things may seem, you just need the right perspective.

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  8. Mothers Are Heaven's Scent

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “Well received and thought of… An excellent gift for all Moms!”–Blue Leblanc

    God has given your mother divinely inspired qualities to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Give her a gift that underscores her significance.

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  9. A Book of Grace – Words to Bring You Peace

    Special Price $6.00

    Regular Price: $10.99

    “Grace refreshes me!”–Judy

    Bring some peace and spirituality to your life with this collection of international poems, prayers, and quotes.

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  10. Jesus the Ultimate Gift

    Special Price $8.00

    Regular Price: $15.95

    “Jesus is the ultimate gift and is the reason for the season!”–Kate

    Give the same gift Jesus gave you on the very first Christmas day: redemption, salvation, and hope.

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